In-Person Church Service on October 17th

will also be live-streamed via either of these links:

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Almighty God, your ways are higher than our ways; your thoughts are higher than our thoughts. Forgive us of our pride and times when we thought we knew better than you did. Give us humility that thinks not less of ourselves, but of ourselves less. Give us eyes to see how much we depend on your providence and grace. Renew our minds that by faith we would trust you ever more deeply today and each day following. Amen.

Join us for Caring & Sharing in Our Struggles Group

Immediately after worship in the Town & Country classroom, with
Pastor Sean and Carolyn Williams, Certified Lay Servant/Stephens
Minister. (end of the hallway past the office)

We will be discussing the levels of Grief/Suffering and the importance
of working through them.

You can also join us virtually online at:
Meeting ID: 894 5712 6219 passcode: 433595